Poem 1. The Fate of a Rose

I saw a rose yesterday:

So fresh and lovely that everyone sings its praise

Pitifully, after some winds and rains,

it fell to the ground, mixed with muddy sands.


Worldly things are impermanent, always changing like this

How dreadful - with karma all transmigrate!

Awaken now and take on the Esoteric practice,

illuminate the origin of heart and return home soon.


Poem 2. At the Foot of the Ancestral Hill I Set up a Great Goal

At the foot of the Ancestral Hill I set up a great goal.

In Fang Cao Street I formed an extraordinary tie.

Having long been tried in the furnace,

The pure gold becomes exceptionally bright.

Others think it hard to bear,

But my joy is beyond compare

Kindly Tathagatas bless me,

Nourishing my heart with sweet nectar.

1. When Maha Acarya Yang Fo Xing was young, he once talked about future and life with a relative on the hill behind his home. There he made up his mind to practice Buddhism; thus a great goal was born.

2. Here the “extraordinary affinity” refers to the Guru of Maha Acarya Yang Fo Xing - Maha Acarya Feng Da An, who once lived in Fang Cao Street in Guangzhou .


Poem 3. Take Me Home, Buddha's Light

Life is like the dewdrops on the grass -

How can it be everlasting?

Crystal and pure are the dewdrops,

With each of them sparkling

How I wish to follow

the sunshine upon leaving,

How can I fall into the dung!

Never mind that life is short;

Fearful is the defilement in even one moment!

I'd like to be Wu Pucong

rather than Kong Zhong Ling.


Take me home, Buddha's Light

(For Singing)

(The second English version of the same poem in Chinese to make it follow the music in singing)


Like dew drops on the grass,

how can life be eternal?

Pure dew, crystal dew

Shining with sparkle.


Take me home, Buddha's light!

How can I fall into the dung!

Never mind that life is short;

keep each moment undefiled

I'd like to be Wu Pucong

Rather than Kong Zhong Ling.

Wu Pucong: A disciple of Maha Acarya Feng Da'an, who practiced with the Guru from her youth. She had a good look and a kind heart; she was clever and diligent. Though she died young (at her forties), she was reborn in the pure land. Her short life is meaningful as it achieves the eternal wisdom life.


Poem 4. The Lamp of Heart


We are the followers of the Buddha.

We are the pioneers to protect the Dharma.

We are the torches to light the lamp.

We are the heroes with no attachment.

Iron-willed, warm-hearted, and pure in mind,

We follow the instructions of the great Buddha:

Having a heart of purity, utmost sincerity,

diligence and repaying kindness.

We practice to realize Bodhi,

And devote all life to spreading Dharma.

Come on, my Dharma friends,

Be brave and stride forward;

hold high the flag of Prajna and Samadhi,

before reaching the Other Shore, never never slack off!


Poem 5. The Bell for Alarm

Fair flowers fade soon; good time ends early. Without devoted and diligent practice, how can we attain the pure land? Once losing the human body, we will suffer in the cycle of Samsara! Look at the beasts of burden, how pitiably they suffer! How pitiable!

Suffering cold and heat in the day, pests at night, with rope through the nose, the cattle thus moves its way. All the year it keeps ploughing, bearing hunger and thirst. Too tired to move, it meets thunder and whip, thunder and whip.

Skin torn and blood shedding, blood and sweat into dust falling, till old and weak, sick and disabled, the cattle will be sent to the whittle. Great axe chops at its head; sharp sword stabs its body. Skin is torn when it's still alive, with misery screams nobody minding, nobody minding.

Pitiable is this sentient being that alive it suffers cruel killing. What wrong has it done? What brings about the misfortune? Being cruel regardless of the cause and effect, one will regret when punishments arrive. To be tolerant we should learn, so that from fire a lotus may grow and bloom.


Poem 6. My Wisdom Life

My wisdom life was born in Liangjing,

Seventy years till now.

Born in hardships, grown up in tumult,

I've just started my honorable history.

Despite various perils,

Luckily I was not defeated.

This is worth my rejoicing,

and more deserves our double effort.

Comrades, seize the prime time,

be united and practice harder,

shoulder the dual task of

delivering self and others,

stride forward and forward!


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